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Artist Spotlight: Erwin Ledford

Erwin Ledford is a local Bakersfield illustrator with a passion for producing his own comics. Erwin contributed an original comic entitled “Antique” which appears in Issue #2 of Project Oh! Magazine. He is also featured here in a “short documentary” filmed and edited by Brian N. Willhite.

Li’l Erwin Grows Up (Short Documentary)

Published on May 21, 2014

Sharing his story as an independent comics creator, Erwin Ledford opens up about the creative process, interacting with the public, and his goal to build a better atmosphere for the art medium in Bakersfield, CA.

The full-time graphic designer is known for his comic series titled, “The Plainest Plane Plainest Pictoral Periodical,” which collects autobiographical and original comics in varying styles. He’s also well-known for his “Li’l Erwin” comic series, which takes a satirical look at many embarrassing — yet all too familiar — heartwarming tales of his childhood.

Learn more about him and get the comics at plainestplane.blogspot.com

Soundtrack by The Summer Initiative
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Filmed and Edited by Brian N. Willhite
Visit his YouTube channel for more

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