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Project Oh! Welcomes The Feature Image

A little more than a year ago Project Oh! and The Feature Image opened up to the public with a similar goal in mind: to showcase the talent of Bakersfield. During that year each contributed their own content, The Feature Image devoting more time into video interviews and Project Oh! focusing on a printed magazine format. It was recently announced that The Feature Image would no longer be maintaining their brand, but the concept has not been abandoned. Going into 2015, Project Oh! will absorb the current content of The Feature Image and video production will continue under the rebranding effort of Robert Bejil Productions, formerly Robert Bejil Photography.
Moving forward, Robert Bejil Productions and Project Oh! will collaborate on video content to continue to provide a resource for showcasing local talent. You can still view the original site content until January 1st, 2015 at thefeatureimage.projectoh.com


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