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Issue #9

Our second issue celebrating the art derived from Halloween, creature making, the paranormal, the macabre and other horror related genres. Featuring art by Kenneth Williams, Sammy Moncada, Alex Gallardo, Aileth Bran, Gabbi Steiger, Michelle Guerrero, Bailey Layne, Phil Garcia, Stefanie Olsen, Brittany Knight, and Jeremy Gonzalez. / Stories by Chyna Jade Parker and Zachary Smith illustrated by Gabbi Steiger and Rusty Hatfield. / The new fan film by Hectic Films. / Images from Talladega Frights 2015 Haunted attraction. / Special FX Makeup By Audrey Day-Jarvis and Stephanie Rosas. Cosplay by Barbaro Gomez-Singh Jr. / Cover art created by Nathan Watson.

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