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Figure Drawing #15 Artwork

For our March session we were joined by professional model Jin N Tonic. She gave us some great poses and even donned some bunny ears for one of them in honor of Easter weekend. Here is some of the artwork below.

Alex CastaƱeda

12440262_10156746881400268_5014087044793280525_o 12593838_10156746881165268_8888863266807871879_o 12885811_10156746883005268_3113460351791728086_o

Gabbi Steiger

12525259_1189884134363835_3638295791404288825_o 12916799_1189884207697161_8040519960517400892_o

Jennifer Williams

934126_10154063217502162_5494529383501069497_n 12063514_10154063222077162_8670909313162870004_n 12321188_10154063217447162_3267099259066128142_n 12920491_10154063217527162_999119617283706148_n 12932683_10154063217432162_1558821686327777587_n

Jeremy Gonzalez


Berklee Comstock



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