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Hello World of 2017

Hi, there! This is Jeremy from Project Oh! and I am sitting here at my desk working on organizing some projects for this year and I figured I would obey my scheduled Reminder for this month and post an update. But first, Happy New Year! We hope it is treating you well so far. Now for the *good stuff.

I’d like to start by thanking everyone that contributed and supported us this last year. I think it was a good year for us overall. We moved forward on some things, and behind on others, but we were happy to be consistently working towards our main goals. The art shows were super fun, and our costume and figure drawing sessions continue to be strong and well received. We did fall behind on some magazine projects for various reasons which has lead to a new focus for this year.

Starting this month, Project Oh! Magazine will be considered an ongoing project instead of a quarterly publication. This could change in the future, but I want to put the focus on completing these projects with quality in mind rather than getting them out at a specific time. This was really meant to be a community collaborative project and we would like to work towards that end and give it as much time as it needs. But at the same time, we really do want a more consistent presence which leads us to our newest project, Project Oh! (Mini).

Project Oh! (Mini) is our new publication that will be released digitally every month. This will open us up to being able to promote more community events and sponsored content. We will also have featured art and special announcements. This will grow as the year progresses, but if you can check out our beta release right now. If you’d like to see more, you can subscribe for free and we will send them out as they become available. 

*good stuff is a relative term.

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