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Movie Night Review

Our first movie night went exactly how we would have hoped. We got a nice little group of supporters and a chance to figure out how we want to execute these events for the rest of the year. Below is a recap of what was shown on January 25th.

Local Film Shorts

  • “Just Creepy” Written and directed by Greg C Bolanos – Watch on YouTube
  • “Cut Throat” Written and directed by Patrick Spurlock – Watch on YouTube
  • “Gotta Kill ‘Em All” Created by Valente Jimenez, Omar Jacinto and Kevin Gardner – Watch on YouTube
  • “The Chasening” Teaser written and directed by Jeremy Gonzalez – Movie Night Exclusive

Feature Film

“Tremors” (1990) Starring Kevin Bacon. PG-13. Filmed in parts of Ridgecrest, CA.
Comedy, Horror

A group of small town folk stumble upon some interesting critters lurking below their dusty community. Will they get got, or will they go get?


Johnny Beard gives this film a whopping 2 and a half long beards.
Dimitri S. Skull gives it your mother’s saucepan.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Spurlock.

*The feature film was voted on by guests of our Facebook event page.

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