Figure Drawing #16 Recap

Jennifer Williams Jeremy Gonzalez . José Lemus Axzay Villarreal‎ Troy Brown Alexandra Ortiz

Figure Drawing #15 Artwork

For our March session we were joined by professional model Jin N Tonic. She gave us some great poses and even donned some bunny ears for one of them in honor of Easter weekend. Here is some of the artwork below. Alex Castañeda Gabbi Steiger Jennifer Williams Jeremy Gonzalez Berklee Comstock  

Friday the 13th Fan Film

On October 16th 2015, Hectic Films began a trip down nostalgia lane when filming began on the latest fan film short “Camp Crystal Lake” which pays homage to the slasher classic Friday the 13th. Directed By Rickey Bird Produced By Rickey Bird, DT Carney, and Jason Sanders Cast DT Carney Jason as Voorhees Erica Morgan […]