Movie Night #4

Barbaric (1:56) The Film Club at CSUB Shovel Talk (2:18) The Film Club at CSUB Sabrina Corona: A Portrait Documentary (4:56) Greg Bolanos Film Club Promo #1 (1:51) The Film Club at CSUB His Name Was Violence (13:41) Greg Bolanos BANE THE SERIES EPISODE #1 – THE TRAP (8:09) Hectic Films Productions Writing in the […]

Cut Throat – A Phantom Stranger Inc. Film

Check out the film from Phantom Stranger Inc. entitled “Cut Throat”. Starring Terry McGhee and Rickey Bird 3. This film was shot during the Hectic Films meeting at the Project Oh! studio. You can check out Phantom Stranger and Hectic Films behind the scenes shooting this film on our Facebook. Originally released September 2016. YouTube: […]

Late Night

A night of silence is interrupted when a mysterious figure appears in the dark…

Bill’s Wild Dream

Bill tells Jennifer about a dream he had.

Death Masks

A local artist reveals a secret project to unsuspecting clients.

Friday the 13th Fan Film

On October 16th 2015, Hectic Films began a trip down nostalgia lane when filming began on the latest fan film short “Camp Crystal Lake” which pays homage to the slasher classic Friday the 13th. Directed By Rickey Bird Produced By Rickey Bird, DT Carney, and Jason Sanders Cast DT Carney Jason as Voorhees Erica Morgan […]