Project Oh! (Mini) – October

Just when thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Project Oh! (Mini) – September 2017

Only the smartest 5% of all life can get all these answers correct. Read this article to float down here.

Project Oh! (Mini) – August

A farmer discovered a UFO shaped hole in his chicken nugget. What it actually was is out of this world…

Project Oh! (Mini) – July 2017

Like sands through an hour glass, so are the sands through a minute glass.

Project Oh! (Mini) – May 2017

Scientists have just received new photos from deep space and you won’t believe what Beyoncé is wearing to the Golden Globes…

Project Oh! (Mini) – April 2017

The UFO files have been released and the evidence shown on page two will leave you faceless….

Project Oh! (Mini) – January 2017