Gen Ed

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Friday the 13th Fan Film

On October 16th 2015, Hectic Films began a trip down nostalgia lane when filming began on the latest fan film short “Camp Crystal Lake” which pays homage to the slasher classic Friday the 13th. Directed By Rickey Bird Produced By Rickey Bird, DT Carney, and Jason Sanders Cast DT Carney Jason as Voorhees Erica Morgan […]

Project Oh! Welcomes The Feature Image

A little more than a year ago Project Oh! and The Feature Image opened up to the public with a similar goal in mind: to showcase the talent of Bakersfield. During that year each contributed their own content…

Artist Spotlight: Erwin Ledford

Sharing his story as an independent comics creator, Erwin Ledford opens up about the creative process, interacting with the public, and his goal to build a better atmosphere for the art medium in Bakersfield, CA.