As a contributor, you are the most important part of this magazine. Our main focus is to provide you with an environment where your work can be seen by more people. Plus, we just think you look amazing in print.

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  • You must have some connection with Kern County and the surrounding areas. The magazine is local to Bakersfield, CA to promote local talent. However, we welcome collaboration with outside artists if some sort of local connection is made. We are also exploring the idea of featuring a couple of outside artists per issue as a way of promoting Bakersfield artists in outlying areas.
  • You must have high quality copies of your work. Our magazine is meant for print which means we need high quality images. If you don’t already have high quality images, you can have photos taken for a small  negotiable fee. A typical submission should be close to 8.5″x11″ RGB at 300dpi or 11″x17″ RGB at 300dpi for two page spreads. You do not have to submit full res copies initially. We will request the appropriate size at the time your work is chosen.
  • All work must be your own work. This should go without saying, but is definitely worth mentioning.

How we use your work

The work you submit will be considered for our printed publication. This will also be available in digital format. Your work will be credited to you and everyone involved on your project. We will provide information for people to view more of your work as provided by you.

What we look for

We are currently putting a heavy emphasis on creative work and we will have space for other artists, such as digital painters and traditional visual artists. We want to promote collaboration so the more people involved on an image the better. And, of course, we are looking for creativity and skill. Your work should be engaging and eye catching. This is obviously subjective, so just send us your best work.

How to submit your work

You can submit samples or send links to Please don’t send high res photos as attachments until asked to do so. If you want to share your high resolution photos, send us to a link where we can preview them and download them. If we choose your work for an issue we will contact you for high resolutions photos and all credits needed for your project.


Chosen submissions will need to be high quality, preferably 300 dpi. Single submissions will need to be 8.5″ x 11″.  Series submissions will need a 17″ x 11″ image for the introduction page and any images that span two pages and 8.5″ x 11″ for single page images. There should be no important imagery located in the center of a 2 page image as it will be effected by the crease in the binding.

Previous Contributors

Vanessa Cabrillas (Nes Photographs)
Nicholas DeJesùs Martinez (Nicholas DeJesùs Photography)
Ro Lautchang (Ro Images)
Jeremy Gonzalez (No Image Photography)
Alan Antiporda (Illusive Photography)
Bryan Toh
Ashley dePencier
Josiah Lorsung
Eric James (Art of Eric James)
Robert Wayne Cochran (Third Eye Photography)
Kevin Gardner (Art By Kevin G)
Erwin Ledford
Christina Looker (Made U Look Photography)
Kenyatta Martin (Ken Martin Photography)
Jorge Guillen
Carlos Fierros
Jessica Mceuen
Photos By Amalu
Bobby Holland
Lysa Ann
Kendall Kay
Maylanie Mendez
Patrick Spurlock
Alex Casteñda
Ross Langley
Louis Chavez
Omar Juarez
Patrick Spurlock
Brian Demarest
Lisa Little
Phil Garcia
Iron Goblin
Talladega Frights
Dark Veil Dynasty
Terry Tripp
Ashleymarie Sey Lively
Cassandra Deatherage
Jason Stewart
Francis Alavarez
Chyna Jade Parker
Sean Phillips
Deja Nunoz


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