Memberships are one way in which we are able to fund Project oh! Projects. As a thank you for those helping us stick around and grow, we want to offer our members perks. These perks come in the form of discounts, merchandise and special events. As our member list grows, so will we, and we will continue to look for new and fun ways to give back to our supporters. Take a look at what we have so far below.

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Just looking to help out? A little can go a long way. This plan is for those just wanting to support our mission. We will add you to our list of supporters and you will be subscribed your our monthly Project Oh! (mini) digital publication.
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Basic Membership
With a basic membership you get discounts on events, workshops, and merchandise. You will also receive 1 free copy of Project Oh! Magazine as they are released**.
In addition to the benefits of a Basic Membership, you will also receive our quarterly art box filled with a variety of cool stuff***.

$20/month | subscribe now


Business Subscription

You will receive each issue of Project Oh! Magazine while your subscription is active. You will also be included in our list of supporters which will be printed in our magazines and shared on our website. You can also order additional copies at print cost to resale at your place of business.

$25/month | subscribe now
Premium Business Subscription
In addition to everything offered in the Business Subscription, you will also have a full page ad published in our physical copy of Project Oh! Magazine.
*Contact us for more information on a Premium Business Subscription


Or you can select your own donation amount.

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* Your subscriptions will be charged automatically based on the terms you selected. If you have any requests, issues, or need to cancel, you can email us at

** A new issue of Project Oh! Magazine is planned quarterly. Some issues take longer to complete than others.

*** Art boxes include a variety of local art which could include t-shirts, buttons, posters, magazines and more.

This page was last updated on October 3, 2017 | Originally published on May 14, 2015