Active Artists Project

The Active Artist Project is an ongoing series of projects that engages a wide range of local artists in Kern County. Each project spans one quarter (3 months) of the year starting in January. Each month has a scheduled list of activities that artists can participate in as well as opportunities for artists to propose their own events and activities.

Support Materials

Artistic Work Samples:

Sam Moncada

Deja Nunez

Gabbi Steiger

Kevin Gardner

Two PDF documents that best portray your organization and its work.

These may include press materials, flyers, brochures, programs, newsletters, and other marketing pieces generated within the past two years.

Document 1 - Project Oh! Magazine - Collections II
Document 2 - Promotion Material

Narrative Questions

Project Oh! has been a creative community project since 2013 dedicated to empowering local artists of all types by providing them opportunites to have their work seen mar larger audiences, to meet other local artists, to participate in collaborative projets, and to develop their skills through various workshops.

In these project we are aiming to address three issues that affect local artists. 1.) Promote active artists. 2.) Practice and skill development 3). Art awareness Community engagement 4). Art selling

Celebrating Artists

Local artists will be showcased in a multitude of ways.

  1. At least one local artist will be featured monthly. I short bio of the artists and samples of their work will be published in our monthly Digital Zine. Featured artists will also participate in our monthly art pack available to our Patreon Subsribers and members.
  2. Monthly art galleries will give local artists an opportunity to hang and sell their artwork at our studio. Artwork will be display on our walls for a minimum of two weeks each month during regular scheduled events and workshops.
  3. At least three curated art shows are scheduled during the first quarter of this project including a solo show by Gabbi Steiger, a group art show curated by Kevin Gardner, and a figure art show curated by Alex CastaƱeda.

Community Participation

Community participation is at the core of our organization. Outlined are just a few ways that our creative community can get involved to produce showcase, and develop their work.

  1. Monthly workshops are hosted by local artist who are pationate about teaching and guiding other artists. Scheduled workshops include figure drawing, costume drawing, photography, and filmmaking.
  2. Art meetups are scheduled monthly at our studio providing a space and time for local artists to gather to work on arts and craft projects while networking with other local artists.
  3. All publications are open to local artists providing publication opportunities in both print and digital formats.
  4. Our studio will also host a monthly open mic night providing performing artists to showcase what they do.

Intergenerational and lifelong arts learning, participation

One of the foundations of our organization is providing workshops and classes open to the community. We alterate between providing free workshops and paid workshops.

  1. Our figure drawing workshop is held during the last Saturday of each month. With an entry fee of $15, artists are able to practice and develop their drawing skills during a 3 hour figure drawing sessions. We provide a live model and organize time blocks of poses ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes.
  2. Filmmaking worksops include meetup times for local filmmakers to network and screen projects they are working on. Workshops are included to discuss script writing, lighting and editing techniques.

Activity Timeline

January 7thOpen Pitch MeetingFree6:30pm-7:30pm
January 13thCrafternoon/Project Meetup Free12pm-5pm
January 21stInstall monthly art galleryN/AN/A
January 22ndFilm Meetup/Screenings7pm-10pm
January 23rdOh!Pen Mic NightFree6pm-8pm
January 26thFigure Drawing$1512:30pm-3:30pm
January 27thPhotography Workshop6pm-8pm
February 8thFigure Drawing (Night Session)6pm-9pm
February 10thCrafternoon Art UpTBA
February 15thFundraiser Show$10-$405pm-8pm
February 19thFilm Meetup/Screenings7pm-10pm
February 20thOh!Pen Mic NightFree6pm-8pm
February 23rdFigure Drawing$1512:30pm-3:30pm
February 24thInvisible Art ShowFreeTBA
March 10thCrafternoon Art UpFreeTBA
March 18thInstall Monthly Art GalleryN/A
March 19thFilm Meetup/Screenings7pm-10pm
March 20thOh!Pen Mic NightFree6pm-8pm
March 17thFigure Art Group Show5pm-8pm
March 23rdGabbi Solo Art Show4pm-7pm
March 31stProject Oh! Magazine ReleaseN/A
TBAPhotography Workshop$20TBA
TBAInvisible Art Show (Mentail Health Awareness)TBA
TBACostume DrawingTBA


The art community of Kern County is largely underdeveloped in comparison to other cities such as Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. As a result, the opportunities for local artists are limited which causes many artists to seek outside of their own community for artistic recognition and opportunity. Our projects are in direct response to this by providing as many opportunities as possible for artists to 1. promote and share their work 2. contribute to a variety of unique collaborative projects and 3. discover and become inspired by other artists in the community with an emphasis on the underrepresented genres of art.


All planned events will be hosted at our studio which is open to the public. On June 1st we will be hosting an open meeting where artists will be able to come to asks questions and obtain info about the activities outline for the following 6 months. All workshops and art shows will also be open to the public.

Intended Community Outcome

In executing this project we will be able to engage and inspire a variety local artists as well as provide them with opportunities to share their work with the public.

Quarter Goals

  1. Completed at least 1 print issue of Project Oh! Magazine
  2. Thre digital releases of Project Oh! (Mini)
  3. 1 printed zine anthology

Promotion and Documentation

We will utilize social media to promote events which will include posting on facebook, instagram and twitter and boosting events through facebook and instagram.

We will document events by capturing photos and videos. The results of some events will also be document in one of our various publications. Perfomring arts events will be streamed lived via facebook and videos of the live streams will be saved to our page to be viewed.

Key individuals (artistic, technical, or administrative)

Name Title Supported by CAC funds Experience as it relates to this project Role within the proposed activities
Jeremy Gonzalez Artist/Executive Director N/A experience as it relates to this project Executive Director
Danielle Velling Performing Artist N/A experience as it relates to this project role within the proposed activities
Brenna Wuillamey Writer/Photographer N/A experience as it relates to this project role within the proposed activities
Kevin Gardner Artist N/A experience as it relates to this project Art show coordinator
Greg Bolanos Filmmaker/Writer N/A experience as it relates to this project role within the proposed activities
David Tetz Musician N/A experience as it relates to this project Open Mic host and coordinator

Ensuring accessibility and inclusion

Inclusion is very important to our project. All of our projects are open to anyone in the community to participate. Our activities are designed to reach artists of a variety of skill levels, age and experience. We actively analyze our effectiveness of reaching these goals and adapt our planned activities to maximize inclusion.

We will publicy provide information for artists to submit to one of our projects and will personal reach out to artists to invite them to take part in various projects. We will locate and discover new artists by attending other local art events, browsing artists on social media, and posting calls to artist.

By hosting frequent art meetups at our studio, we are able to meet new artists and create an open and comfortable creative community.

Quantitative Questions

Number of free events: 20
Number of artists directly involved: 6
Number of total individuals to benefit directly: 10
Number of activities supported: 25