The Get Down Art Show

The Get Down Art Show is a celebration of local artists dedicated to their craft. The mission of Project Oh! Is to offer opportunity and empower the creative minds of our community, especially those who might be underrepresented. We appreciate all art, and everyone contributing to it in their own way.

TGAS is hosted by Project Oh! and was brought together by local artists Kevin Gardner and Sam Moncada enlisting the help of other creative talents in the community to share their work. For many of these artists, these shows offer their first experience in showing their artwork in a public setting.

The great thing about the TGAS art show is seeing parts of the community come together in support of each other celebrating the efforts that go into creating art. This is a one-night-only group show featuring local artists and musicians.

The best way to get involved in these shows is to come to the events, follow and meet the other artists, and be willing to put in the work creatively. We are grateful to all that have been involved so far as contributors and supporters.

Shows are typically announced quarterly, so check our calendar, follow us on social media, and/or subscribe to our mailing lists to stay informed.

The Get Down Art Show #4

Gabbi Live Painting at TGDAS 5


This page was last updated on March 4, 2018 | Originally published on February 24, 2017