Below is a list of creative workshops we offer and host at our studio. If you have any questions about participating in workshops — or inquiries about hosting one, please contact us. All proceeds go back into supporting Project Oh! Projects. Choose one of the categories below to see what classes and workshops are available. You can also request a private session at anytime for subjects that aren’t currently scheduled.

These sessions are intended to engage our creative community providing resources for learning and development as well as a way to meet other creative minds sharing similar interests. Our community is filled with talent and we encourage sharing that talent with our peers. Our workshops are hosted by knowledgeable locals/experts in their field and vary in design. Some  will be more heavy on instruction whether others are designed more for hands on practice and development. Any revenue generated from these workshops goes towards improving and maintaining Project Oh!. This includes covering operating costs, and funding community events such as art shows, mixers, and collaborative projects.

This page was last updated on July 28, 2017 | Originally published on August 25, 2014