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Sponsorship Payment Form

Are you interesting in sponsoring Project Oh!? Sponsorships help us out with our operating costs and allows us to plan and execute various types of community projects. We include our sponsor’s logos in our print/digital publications and on our website. You can also promote your events or sponsor pages in our monthly digital magazine Project Oh! Mini.

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Sponsors appear towards the front of our publications with logos displayed. Logos are also added to our website’s sidebar. Logo ads are currently $25/mo for our monthly digital publication. Our memberships range from $5 to $20.
You can sponsor a full page in our digital publication or promote your local event. An event listing is $5 and a sponsored page is $100. A sponsored page can be an add for your event, business, or a sponsored page for an artist to show their work.

This page was last updated on August 1, 2017 | Originally published on December 31, 2016