Movie Night #5

Plus Runner – Jeremy Gonzalez

Escape Room The Movie – Jarad Mann

No Filter – Greg C. Bolanos

Friday The 13th: Jason Kills – Omar Jacinto

One Last Look – Greg C. Bolanos

Broken Down – Leonard Garcia

Let’s Dance – Jay Gabriel

Making Changes

I’m doing a little work on the website this month, so things will be shifting around and replaced with updated content. I also just started this section in the blog for general news and updates.

Movie Night #4

Barbaric (1:56)

The Film Club at CSUB

Shovel Talk (2:18)

The Film Club at CSUB

Sabrina Corona: A Portrait Documentary (4:56)

Greg Bolanos

Film Club Promo #1 (1:51)

The Film Club at CSUB

His Name Was Violence (13:41)

Greg Bolanos


Hectic Films Productions

Writing in the Spotlight (4:55)

Leo Garcia

City Life, Ocean Memories (2:13)

Leo Garcia

Netflix and Kill (17:50)


Kill For Tomorrow (38:37)

Alex Montes

Movie Night Review

Our first movie night went exactly how we would have hoped. We got a nice little group of supporters and a chance to figure out how we want to execute these events for the rest of the year. Below is a recap of what was shown on January 25th.

Local Film Shorts

  • “Just Creepy” Written and directed by Greg C Bolanos – Watch on YouTube
  • “Cut Throat” Written and directed by Patrick Spurlock – Watch on YouTube
  • “Gotta Kill ‘Em All” Created by Valente Jimenez, Omar Jacinto and Kevin Gardner – Watch on YouTube
  • “The Chasening” Teaser written and directed by Jeremy Gonzalez – Movie Night Exclusive

Feature Film

“Tremors” (1990) Starring Kevin Bacon. PG-13. Filmed in parts of Ridgecrest, CA.
Comedy, Horror

A group of small town folk stumble upon some interesting critters lurking below their dusty community. Will they get got, or will they go get?


Johnny Beard gives this film a whopping 2 and a half long beards.
Dimitri S. Skull gives it your mother’s saucepan.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Spurlock.

*The feature film was voted on by guests of our Facebook event page.

Yolked by Jay Gabriel

Artist: Jay Gabriel

Costume Ventures

Animated cartoon created by the Illuminat3 crew. Illuminat3 are local artists Kevin Gardner, Omar Jacinto and Albert Vargas.

YouTube: Illuminat3

Project Oh! (Mini) – October

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Cut Throat – A Phantom Stranger Inc. Film

Check out the film from Phantom Stranger Inc. entitled “Cut Throat”. Starring Terry McGhee and Rickey Bird 3. This film was shot during the Hectic Films meeting at the Project Oh! studio. You can check out Phantom Stranger and Hectic Films behind the scenes shooting this film on our Facebook. Originally released September 2016.

YouTube: Hectic Films 2

Late Night

This film was produced by The Film Club at CSUB.

Directed by Leonard Garcia
Written by Greg C. Bolanos
Taylor Clark as Iris
Usman Hassan as Jake
Taylor Clark as The Neighbor
Leonard Garcia as 911 Operator

Project Oh! (Mini) – September 2017

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Bill’s Wild Dream


Written and Directed By Matt Kieley
Bill played by Brandon Nebitt
Jenifer played by Claire Rock
Shot, edited and produced by Matt Kieley
Sound by Felix Brown
Special Effects by Black Philip
Special Thanks given to Courtney Aycox, Zoey McEntire, Barbara Jackson, Brandon and Claire.
A Plastic Flowers Production
See more videos from Matt at

Project Oh! (Mini) – August


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Gabbi Live Painting at TGDAS 5

Gabbi Steiger paints original artwork live during The Get Down Art Show #5

Student Films from the summer Workshop

Starting in March of 2017, we teamed up with Hectic Films to host our first series of filmmaking workshops. The goal of these workshops was to take students through the process of creating a short film. Each session discussed a new topic (script writing, lighting, sound, working with actors, directing, editing, etc…) and ended with the completion of a short film. Students could take one or more workshops depending on their needs. For those who completed the entire process, a short film was created and uploaded to the Hectic Films you tube channel. You can watch those films below. A second series of workshops is currently being discussed for later this year.


Written and directed by Joe Gonzalez
Starring NoBot

The Stalk

Written and directed by Ryan Taylor
Starring April King and Lucy Cruz

Just Creepy

Written and directed by Greg Bolanos
Starring Danielle Velling and Damitri S. Beard(?)

Dear, Class

This film is not yet rated (or finished). “Written and directed” by Jeremy Gonzalez.
Starring Laura Kuy

Project Oh! (Mini) – July 2017


A Note from Project Oh!

Hey, what’s up? Doing well? Ya, I know..I too have been sweating like an egg on Easter. So, anyway this mo– huh? Oh, I thought you were saying something else. So, this month we have some new projects wrapping up, some still in progress and others that are being started. But first, we want to recap some things from last month.

The Get Down Art Show #5

We had another great turnout of artists and supporters. It was a hot one, and we struggled with our A/C going down for a bit, but we were happy everyone stuck around to appreciate art with us. Our raffle was a success and will be an ongoing thing, and we were happy to see some artwork being sold. We have plans to offer some of the artwork for sell on our website as well, so keep an eye out for that.

Filmmaking Workshops

The filmmaking workshop was a really fun endeavor. It went a bit longer than expected, but we were able to give some dedicated time to our students to help them create their short films. Some of the films are already up on YouTube but we will make an official post on our page when they are all completed and ready to view. We look forward to doing it again.

Photography Workshops

Last month we also started our 6 session photography workshop which comes to a close this month. However, with only two sessions left, we feel there is still so much more to cover, so we will be offering another series of advanced workshops as well as a few more for beginners.

Updated Deadlines

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Issue

We are still taking submissions. Send us your photos,artwork, cosplays or short stories that fit around the theme of science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, comic book characters, etc.

Status: Open for Submissions
Deadline: July 30th, 2017
Expected Release: June 2017

For this issue we want to see some cool weird art. We are looking first for surreal artwork of any kind, and then anything else that might be a bit more abstract.

Status: Open for Submissions
Deadline: Aug 1st, 2017
Expected Release: TBA
Graffiti/Body Art

This already has a bit of content but we are looking for more “alternative canvas” type art (tattoos, bodypainting, graffiti) and some urban style street art.

Status: Open for Submissions
Deadline: Aug 1st, 2017
Expected Release: TBA


My name is Charles Garcia. I go by the names DJ Chuck 1 and C1. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I used to draw Bboys, tanks, helicopters, totem poles, Transformers, Voltron, monsters from Scooby Doo, etc… I got into graffiti and graffiti art in the 90’s, and I’ve always been a fan of anime. My style is a fusion of my greatest influences, anime and hip hop. My passions are graffiti and anime. Working with spray paint and acrylic are my typical “go to” mediums. My favorite artists are Futura (formerly Futura 2000,) Sam Flores, She 1, Mr. Jago, Dave Kinsey, Phil Frost, Twist One/Barry Mcgee, Fafi, Ms. Van, Will Barras, and countless anime movies. You can find me online at:, or


You can submit your original digital comics to with the subject “Project Oh! (Mini) Comic Submission”.

Featured Content

Alien: Avengers Extermination


Recommended Links


Gabrielle Steiger



Created by Jeremy Gonzalez @jermzv2
Illustrations by @rabbitfoods
Featured Artist @djchuck1
Additional art by NoBot @thenobot

Alien: Avengers Extermination

Omar Jacinto

New Stop Motion Video. See What happens when the Xenomorph meets the Avengers.

YouTube Channel: The Omarvel Show

Instagram: @omarvel1


Project Oh! (Mini) – May 2017


Cover art by Gabbi Steiger
Meet Artist Alexandra Ortiz
Comics by Terry Tripp

Featured Content

Pencil Lad – Animation by Janna Web

Halsey Speed Drawing – Kevin Gardner

Artist Links

Gabrielle Steiger

Alexandra Ortiz

Terry Tripp

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Pencil Lad

Artist: Janna Leigh

Instagram: Jleeoriginals
For Prints:

Project Oh! (Mini) – April 2017

Our digital (Mini) for April is ready. We are still playing around with the best delivery methods. In this post we’ve embeded two version that we are going to compare.

Self Hosted



Issue #7


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