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Cover art by Gabbi Steiger
Meet Artist Alexandra Ortiz
Comics by Terry Tripp

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Pencil Lad – Animation by Janna Web

Halsey Speed Drawing – Kevin Gardner

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Gabrielle Steiger

Alexandra Ortiz

Terry Tripp

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Pencil Lad

Artist: Janna Leigh

Instagram: Jleeoriginals
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Project Oh! (Mini) – April

Our digital (Mini) for April is ready. We are still playing around with the best delivery methods. In this post we’ve embeded two version that we are going to compare.

Self Hosted



The Get Down Art Show #4

Collections Commercial

At one point we had an idea for our second commercial. The first idea has yet to be filmed. This commercial was to tease the release of our Collections Issue. But for one reason or another timing wasn’t syncing up. Once we did get going on it, we realized we weren’t ready for audio, so the actual diolgue spoken by Chris wasn’t going to make the cut. So, we imrpovised as you can see here in one of our favorite outtakes. Full cut of the commercial is on its way.

Project Oh! (Mini) – March 2017


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Meet The Artist: Deja Nunez

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Deja Nunez, I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. I moved to Chicago when I was 19 which was an amazing experience, I received a BA in Art and Design from Columbia College Chicago. I love to eat, but I hate cooking, I’m obsessed with dragqueens, I’m interested in what’s going on in people’s heads. I am a natural redhead, people often say I look 10 years younger than I actually am, but that I should take it as a compliment. I am very sarcastic with a quite twisted sense of humor. I love animals, and I think cats are aliens.

How would you describe your style?

Loose, gestural, crafty, colorful, a lot of portraiture.

What mediums do you work in?

Acrylic, ink, wood, metal.

What is your favorite medium?


How long have you been making art?

Since I was a small child.

What got you started?

My mom always had art supplies around, and being the introvert I am, I would stay in and paint/draw all day.

What are your favorites that you have done?

A portrait of Saul Williams and portrait of Bernie Sanders, and the purple Woodengirl.

What are you working on?

More Woodengirls, as well as my dream portraits.

What would be your dream project?

A huge city mural.

Any advice or lessons you’ve learned?

Continue to create, even when you think it sucks, don’t be afraid to fill sketchbooks with bad drawings because that helps you grow, and you will eventually see the improvement.

Who or what inspires you?

Other artists inspire me, regular people achieving what they set out to do, and working hard for what they want are really inspiring.

Who are your favorite artists?

Ralph Steadman, Robert Crumb, Alex pardee, Octoplum…

Any other skills?

I am a welder, woodworker, crafter, pizza expert.

Why do you think art is important?

I think it can help you see into a person’s thoughts, and getting in peoples heads and understanding them is interesting to me. On the other hand I think art can bring people together, it can create a discussion on things that it might be hard to say with words, but people can better understand visually.

Why do you think strengthening the art community is important?

I think strengthening the community is important because it gives people something fun to do, it can bring different people with similar interests together that can help each other learn and grow and have good times.

How has your practice changed over time?

Art started as something I would do to pass time in long car rides and during lectures, and turned into something I would do to change my world and what I would look at on a day to day basis, I would paint all my walls so they wouldn’t be bland and white, I would create things to keep around me to make me happy, and create things to make other people happy. Now I create art for fun, but also to make a living.

What meaning do you like to convey with your work?

I just want to make cool stuff that makes people feel something, anything.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

Nobody ever knows what they’re doing, just do it till you figure it out.

What are your favorite movies?

Zoolander, Mr. nobody, Across the universe, Juno…

What are your favorite TV shows?

Rick & Morty, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Rupaul’s Dragrace, Adventure Time.

What is your favorite band?

Explosions in the sky, blink 182, I’ve been really into Code Orange, and The Frights lately.

What creative rituals do you have?

Sleeping, eating, procrastinating, browsing the internet, and then creating.

If you were a gallon of milk what percentage of fat would you be?

Dr. Pepper.

What is your least favorite hot pocket?

Not pizza.

If you were a pop-tart, who would you take to prom and how?

I would take Zoey Deschanel, I think she’d be into it.

What DO you do?

Sleep, A LOT.

If life weren’t like a box of chocolate, what would it be like and why?

Probably a box of black licorice because it sucks and everyone hates it, even the people who pretend they don’t. Haha.

How can people follow your work?

On instagram @dejadeja

Sabrina Corona: A Portrait Documentary

Directed and edited by Greg C. Balanos

Director Greg C. Balanos investigates the actual events that led to the acting career/careers of Sabrina Corona in this hard-hitting exposé taut with mystery, woe, and redemption. Or possibly other things. Watch and learn.

Alive From Project Oh!: The Secret Sauce

In our first pre-installment of the Alive From Project Oh!: Concert Series, we flight test The Secret Sauce.

Hello World of 2017

Hi, there! This is Jeremy from Project Oh! and I am sitting here at my desk working on organizing some projects for this year and I figured I would obey my scheduled Reminder for this month and post an update. But first, Happy New Year! We hope it is treating you well so far. Now for the *good stuff.

I’d like to start by thanking everyone that contributed and supported us this last year. I think it was a good year for us overall. We moved forward on some things, and behind on others, but we were happy to be consistently working towards our main goals. The art shows were super fun, and our costume and figure drawing sessions continue to be strong and well received. We did fall behind on some magazine projects for various reasons which has lead to a new focus for this year.

Starting this month, Project Oh! Magazine will be considered an ongoing project instead of a quarterly publication. This could change in the future, but I want to put the focus on completing these projects with quality in mind rather than getting them out at a specific time. This was really meant to be a community collaborative project and we would like to work towards that end and give it as much time as it needs. But at the same time, we really do want a more consistent presence which leads us to our newest project, Project Oh! (Mini).

Project Oh! (Mini) is our new publication that will be released digitally every month. This will open us up to being able to promote more community events and sponsored content. We will also have featured art and special announcements. This will grow as the year progresses, but if you can check out our beta release right now. If you’d like to see more, you can subscribe for free and we will send them out as they become available. 

*good stuff is a relative term.

Gen Ed

Gen Ed – A Web Series

[ greg intro video]

Season 1

Greg Bolanos
You Tube Channel

Costume Drawing #9 w/ Sarah Pasquini

Issue #13 Submissions (Creepy/Horror)

Theme: Halloween/Horror
Deadline: October 29th, 2016
Release Date: TBA

  1. Save your files as jpeg at 300 dpi RGB (preferably without watermarks).
  2. Name your files firstname_lastname_number (i.e. joe_smith_1.jpg, joe_smith_2.jpg)
  3. Upload your files to
  4. Complete the form below to let us know you’ve submitted work.

Entries will be chosen based on quality and clarity and by how well they fit the theme and format of this issue.

*entries should be your own work and should not violate copyright laws

I certify under penalty of law that the material I am submitting is my own and that I am the individual stated in this form. I acknowledge that claiming ownership of copyrighted material is illegal and punishable by law.

* denotes required field

Issue #7

Issue #7 is a collection of artwork from Kern County artists created during (or before) 2015 including illustrations, paintings, drawings, and creative writing.

Happy Project Oh! Day

It was three years ago to the day that we debuted our first official release of Project Oh! Magazine. In honor of this milestone we decided to declare October 11th as the official unofficial Project Oh! Day. On this day we celebrate the act of trying something new. We will also gift each other with unsolicited doodles of themselves…or something. I don’t know. We haven’t really thought that far. But, nevertheless, we hope you enjoy this day as we offer our thanks to everyone who helped get us started.

Death Masks

Written by Greg C. Bolanos
Directed by Greg C. Bolanos
Edited by Greg C. Bolanos


Mason Vergil Hall played by Richard Gariby
Collin Banks played by Nick Frey
Felicia Iniguez played by Petra Carter
Victim #2 played by Chyna Jade Parker
Victim #3 played by Greg C. Bolanos
Jordan Carrigan played by Christian Araujo

Halsey Speed Drawing – Kevin Gardner

Check out the latest speed drawing video from Kevin Gardner

Figure Drawing #16 Recap

Jennifer Williams
Jeremy Gonzalez

FD16_5 FD16_6


José Lemus


Axzay Villarreal‎


Troy Brown


Alexandra Ortiz


Figure Drawing #15 Artwork

For our March session we were joined by professional model Jin N Tonic. She gave us some great poses and even donned some bunny ears for one of them in honor of Easter weekend. Here is some of the artwork below.

Alex Castañeda

12440262_10156746881400268_5014087044793280525_o 12593838_10156746881165268_8888863266807871879_o 12885811_10156746883005268_3113460351791728086_o

Gabbi Steiger

12525259_1189884134363835_3638295791404288825_o 12916799_1189884207697161_8040519960517400892_o

Jennifer Williams

934126_10154063217502162_5494529383501069497_n 12063514_10154063222077162_8670909313162870004_n 12321188_10154063217447162_3267099259066128142_n 12920491_10154063217527162_999119617283706148_n 12932683_10154063217432162_1558821686327777587_n

Jeremy Gonzalez


Berklee Comstock



Issue #7


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