Project Oh! Movie Night #3

What is movie night you ask? Well, that is an inappropriate question, but we will answer you anyway. Every month we are putting aside a night to show locals films at the Project Oh! Studio (aka The Broom Closet) followed by a featured film of our own choosing. We want to this to be an opportunity for local filmmakers of all levels to get together to show what they are working on in front of a group and for others to see what our film community is working on. 

$5 recommended. $10 for a movie pack (entry + snack + surprise?) All proceeds go directly to funding Project Oh! community projects. 

More details Coming Soon for our March screening. Contact us to submit your short films.

Special thanks to Phantom Stranger Inc. for donating the projector and speakers to make these movie nights loud and visible.

Save Mable!

Help Hectic Films Production make a real life country western movie! “Mable” is a short film about a Father in search of his daughter (Mable) who has been kidnapped by a gang of cowboys. After many failed attempts to rescue Mable, her father hires a man by the name of Tom Landry to find and rescue her. Tom had grown up near Mable and was always found of her. Tom plans to rescue Mable and make her his wife… but that may not be what Mable has planned.

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