Christina Gray Interview

Christina Gray is an experienced Bakersfield native model who has recently relocated to Colorado. During her time in Bakersfield, she had managed to collaborate with a number of local photographers to produce some pretty amazing images. Christina is skilled and a constant professional earning positive reviews from everyone she works with. She has also appeared in our first issue as part of a collaboration with a local boutique (Ooh La Luxe). We thought we’d sit down with her to ask her some questions for our first model interview. So we did (in a manner of speaking).

Christina Gray - Photo by Ande Castaneda

Photo and Makeup by Ande Castaneda

Project OH Magazine: Hello, Christina. Thank you so much for joining us today.

So let’s start off with the basics. When did you first start modeling?

Christina Gray: I started modeling when I was 19 (2009). Have been doing it on and off ever since.

Lol and you’re welcome whoever “us” is

Project OH Magazine: Haha. So many of us in here.

What got you started?

Christina Gray: Oh lord, this is the question I dread whenever people inquire more about my “modeling career.” Truthfully, I started modeling because I used to be a huge tomboy. I had very low self esteem and needed a way to help boost my confidence. I loved theatre and, because of my height, people always said I should try modeling. I had a friend who was a local model so she helped me get my foot in the door.

Project OH Magazine: I’m sure there are a lot of young potential models out there who are a bit apprehensive for their own reasons. Do you have any advice for them?

Christina Gray: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and don’t let great opportunities pass you by. I’ve had so many opportunities to take my modeling to the next level but I never took the chance because I always thought I wasn’t good enough. If it something you love, then pursue it no matter what. Haha. I guess that’s the best advice I can give to the youngins

Project OH Magazine: What about for the oldies?

Christina Gray: Haha, for the oldies? Remember that you are beautiful and it doesn’t matter if you’re an oldie. I’m an oldie and I still love to model. So I’m not going to stop. I mean, if Christie Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and all the other oldies quit, life would be a hell of a lot more depressing. So oldies, stay golden.

Project OH Magazine: If you were one of the Golden Girls, which would you be?

Christina Gray: Sadly, I’ve never seen the show. But I guess Betty White. Haha, if she was even in that show.. She’s one foxy granny though

Project OH Magazine: Yes. She played Rose on the show. Have you ever done any acting? Is there a show you wish you could be or have been a part of?

Christina Gray - Photo by Ande Castaneda

Photo by Ro Images, makeup by Ande Castaneda

Christina Gray: I used to be in theater in high school. I think it’d be cool to be a part of a musical show like Hairspray or Glee, but I can’t sing. Haha. So, I guess that’s out.

Project OH Magazine: There is always auto-tune or your character could need to use a voice modulator. Let’s say you got called in for one episode. What would your name be and what song would you sing?

Christina Gray: I’m not sure about the name of the character. I’ll leave that for the writer of the show. But I’d definitely want to sing “Love shack” by the B-52’s! Or something by Amy Winehouse. I guess it’d just depend on the context of the episode.

Project OH Magazine: That would be fun to watch. Okay. Sorry to do this, but I think it is time to delve into some more serious topics. I’ve seen this question recently and wonder if you have an answer: “If i eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?”

Christina Gray: Haha. Well, I’m sure that if I try to eat myself it’ll be more along the lines of Hannibal rather than super sayan status. And I probably would end up a big bloody mess rather than disappear completely.

Project OH Magazine: Super Satan Status?? That sounds like some sort of metal band. If you were stranded on an island with only your Discman and 4 CDs, what would they be? (And for our younger audience here is a link for more information on “Discman”


Photo by No Image Photography

Christina Gray: Not super Satan, Super SAIYAN! You know, from Dragon Ball Z?? Man, I am old and nerdy… especially if you’re asking me about CD’s (which I still use :/). Anyway, based on my current musical taste, I’d have to say I’d bring “Blue sky noise” by Circa Survive, “Dig up the dead” by Mansions, “All we love we leave behind” by Converge, and just to throw in something whimsical, the soundtrack to Mamma Miami the movie.

Project OH Magazine: Ah. I misheard. It’s so loud in here. I was more in the Ninja Turtle camp myself. So, that means no Super Satan tunes on your isle of isolation? What about 5 DVDs?

Christina Gray: Haha well if you’ve ever listened to converge, it could definitely be in the super Satan tunes genre. As for movies, I’d have to say Cold Mountain, 500 days of summer, step brothers, old school, and let the right one in. Haha did you get that okay? All those young folks’ posts need to keep it down dagnabbit!

Project OH Magazine: Ya. It’s a bit quieter now. Unfortunately, you don’t have a TV on this island so I hope you enjoy the DVD inserts.

Christina Gray: How am I supposed to watch DVDs without a TV? Do I have a portable DVD player? And I prefer VHS’s or LaserDiscs.

Project OH Magazine: VHS would most likely melt in the blazing tropical sun. But, we aren’t here to interview me. I’m sure you can MacGyver yourself a way to watch the DVDs.

Christina Gray: I am pretty sure I could muster something using coconuts, a turtle shell, and lightning. I’m pretty skilled I’ve got to say.

Project OH Magazine: Such an impressive model you are. Can you dance as well?

Christina Gray: Not at all. My boyfriend told me I dance very awkwardly like Zooey Deschanel.

Project OH Magazine: That sounds awesome to me. Wow. Look at the time. I presume you probably need to go soon. But before you do, what is next for Christina Gray modeling and how can people follow your work?

Christina Gray: Honestly, I’ve had many opportunities and I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I’ll most likely be going on a hiatus. You can always follow my work through Facebook or Model Mayhem since I don’t have any fan sites. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has followed my work and supported me throughout the years. It really has meant a lot.

Project OH Magazine: Well, hopefully you can’t stay away for too long. Thanks again for stopping by.

Christina GrayYou never know what the future holds. Thanks for having me.


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