Bill’s Wild Dream


Written and Directed By Matt Kieley
Bill played by Brandon Nebitt
Jenifer played by Claire Rock
Shot, edited and produced by Matt Kieley
Sound by Felix Brown
Special Effects by Black Philip
Special Thanks given to Courtney Aycox, Zoey McEntire, Barbara Jackson, Brandon and Claire.
A Plastic Flowers Production
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Friday the 13th Fan Film

On October 16th 2015, Hectic Films began a trip down nostalgia lane when filming began on the latest fan film short “Camp Crystal Lake” which pays homage to the slasher classic Friday the 13th.

Directed By Rickey Bird
Produced By Rickey Bird, DT Carney, and Jason Sanders


DT Carney Jason as Voorhees
Erica Morgan as Kris Hills
Jessica Alicia Bertrand as Deb Tate
Charlie Jacquez as Mr. K
Rickey Bird III as Little Jaon
Mr. K Head By Erich Lubatti


Curtis Noble
Charlie Jacquez
Rickey Bird III
Myke “Cool” Bird
No Image Photography
Erica Morgan
Jessica Bertrand
Jack The Dog


Jason Sanders

Special Guest

Jack The Dog

Special Thanks To

Modeling By Erica Morgan
Jessica Alicia Bertrand
The Phantom Stranger
Curtis Noble Photography
Kenny Lowe Keys
Jesse Lowe Props
Nick Reisinger Handle
Terry McGhee Poster
Hero’s and Horror Con
The Horror Grip

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