Yolked by Jay Gabriel

Artist: Jay Gabriel

Costume Ventures

Animated cartoon created by the Illuminat3 crew. Illuminat3 are local artists Kevin Gardner, Omar Jacinto and Albert Vargas.

YouTube: Illuminat3

Cut Throat – A Phantom Stranger Inc. Film

Check out the film from Phantom Stranger Inc. entitled “Cut Throat”. Starring Terry McGhee and Rickey Bird 3. This film was shot during the Hectic Films meeting at the Project Oh! studio. You can check out Phantom Stranger and Hectic Films behind the scenes shooting this film on our Facebook. Originally released September 2016.

YouTube: Hectic Films 2

Late Night

This film was produced by The Film Club at CSUB.

Directed by Leonard Garcia
Written by Greg C. Bolanos
Taylor Clark as Iris
Usman Hassan as Jake
Taylor Clark as The Neighbor
Leonard Garcia as 911 Operator

Bill’s Wild Dream


Written and Directed By Matt Kieley
Bill played by Brandon Nebitt
Jenifer played by Claire Rock
Shot, edited and produced by Matt Kieley
Sound by Felix Brown
Special Effects by Black Philip
Special Thanks given to Courtney Aycox, Zoey McEntire, Barbara Jackson, Brandon and Claire.
A Plastic Flowers Production
See more videos from Matt at vimeo.com/mattkieley

Gabbi Live Painting at TGDAS 5

Gabbi Steiger paints original artwork live during The Get Down Art Show #5

Alien: Avengers Extermination

Omar Jacinto

New Stop Motion Video. See What happens when the Xenomorph meets the Avengers.

YouTube Channel: The Omarvel Show

Instagram: @omarvel1


Pencil Lad

Artist: Janna Leigh

Instagram: Jleeoriginals
deviantart: pbtgoart.deviantart.com
tumblr. tumblr.com/jleeoriginals
For Prints: Society6.com/pbtgoart

The Get Down Art Show #4

Collections Commercial

At one point we had an idea for our second commercial. The first idea has yet to be filmed. This commercial was to tease the release of our Collections Issue. But for one reason or another timing wasn’t syncing up. Once we did get going on it, we realized we weren’t ready for audio, so the actual diolgue spoken by Chris wasn’t going to make the cut. So, we imrpovised as you can see here in one of our favorite outtakes. Full cut of the commercial is on its way.

Sabrina Corona: A Portrait Documentary

Directed and edited by Greg C. Balanos

Director Greg C. Balanos investigates the actual events that led to the acting career/careers of Sabrina Corona in this hard-hitting exposé taut with mystery, woe, and redemption. Or possibly other things. Watch and learn.

Alive From Project Oh!: The Secret Sauce

In our first pre-installment of the Alive From Project Oh!: Concert Series, we flight test The Secret Sauce.

Death Masks

Written by Greg C. Bolanos
Directed by Greg C. Bolanos
Edited by Greg C. Bolanos


Mason Vergil Hall played by Richard Gariby
Collin Banks played by Nick Frey
Felicia Iniguez played by Petra Carter
Victim #2 played by Chyna Jade Parker
Victim #3 played by Greg C. Bolanos
Jordan Carrigan played by Christian Araujo

Halsey Speed Drawing – Kevin Gardner

Check out the latest speed drawing video from Kevin Gardner

Artist Spotlight: Kevin Gardner

The Local Artistry interviews Bakersfield artist Kevin Gardner

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Spurlock

Featured artist Patrick Spurlock (AKA The Phantom Stranger)

Video by Hectic Films – Vimeo Channel

Friday the 13th Fan Film

On October 16th 2015, Hectic Films began a trip down nostalgia lane when filming began on the latest fan film short “Camp Crystal Lake” which pays homage to the slasher classic Friday the 13th.

Directed By Rickey Bird
Produced By Rickey Bird, DT Carney, and Jason Sanders


DT Carney Jason as Voorhees
Erica Morgan as Kris Hills
Jessica Alicia Bertrand as Deb Tate
Charlie Jacquez as Mr. K
Rickey Bird III as Little Jaon
Mr. K Head By Erich Lubatti


Curtis Noble
Charlie Jacquez
Rickey Bird III
Myke “Cool” Bird
No Image Photography
Erica Morgan
Jessica Bertrand
Jack The Dog


Jason Sanders

Special Guest

Jack The Dog

Special Thanks To

Modeling By Erica Morgan
Jessica Alicia Bertrand
The Phantom Stranger
Curtis Noble Photography
Kenny Lowe Keys
Jesse Lowe Props
Nick Reisinger Handle
Terry McGhee Poster
Hero’s and Horror Con
The Horror Grip

Official Movie Page

Project DiscOh!

On June 27th Project Oh! debuted issue #6 and boogied down at Skateland w/ Savage Radio’s The Phantom Stranger hosted by Miranda Whitworth with performances by My Dear Insanity and a fashion show styled by Ooh La Luxe! Project DiscOh! was just a fun way for us to release our 70s inspired issue combining live music and classic skate. We also threw in a 70s costume contest and face painting provided by Francis Alvarez. Overall, it was a fun time. Check out our official video thanks to Chris Fowler. You can check out more about about issue #6 here and purchase a copy here.

Special Thanks


Carlos Fierros
Fabian Euresti
Cassandra Deatherage
Jorge Guillen
Megan Dawson-Ingles
Misa Ingles
Deveny Miller
Jeremy Gonzalez
Danielle Velling

Miranda Whitworth

Savage Radio
Patrick Spurlock (The Phantom Stranger)

Live Music
My dear insanity

Ooh La Luxe! Fashion Show
Kim Lawson

Crystal Din
April Reed
Vanessa Aguilar
Brittney Marie Holder
Sarah Pasquini
Andie Grimm
Calli grant
Danielle Velling

Hair And Makeup
Nina Diaz
Marinello School of Beauty
– Natasha Sam (instructor)
– Audrey Jarvis
– Lauren Ashley
– Briana Valenzuela
– Beatrice Arroyo
– Clarissa Rodriquez
– Dawn Jackson
– Nerina Trenado

Leesalynn Parker

Face Painting
Francis Alvarez

Shot and edited by Chris Fowler. Additional Footage by Danielle Velling

No Image Photography


With A Side Of Geek Episode 9: Iron Goblin

Erick Main is indeed the man behind the masks — The Iron Goblin Masks that is — and one of our featured artists for Issue #5. He was also interviewed here in this geek-tacular webisode of With A Side Of Geek hosted by Jacqueline Valdez. With A Side Of Geek is filmed and edited in Bakersfield by Marteen Arredondo and David Vasquez and sponsored by Martedia and Collector-Con. For more things Geek, subscribe to their YouTube channel right about here.